Transitional Living

Sober Living provides clients with a bridge between residential treatment and normal day-to-day life.

Completing an addiction treatment program is a major accomplishment, however, returning to the “real world” can be overwhelming. Sober living, or aftercare programs, help clients stay on the continued path towards recovery.

Once an individual leaves a treatment facility, they may find trouble adjusting back a daily life. Sober living homes provide an in-between option that allows the person to practice using the tools they obtained in treatment. Clients who enter a sober living home provide a structured group setting that reduced the risk of relapse after initial addiction treatment. Here, they continue to gather healthy coping skills and habits for when they return home to daily life.

In a sober living home, clients will reside with other individuals who are also recovering from addiction. Our clients can expect to reside in homes located in quiet areas for a peaceful environment. Unlike other types of rehabilitation centers, sober living homes generally offer a less intensive recovery experience with more freedom. Clients typically come and go as they please while following certain rules. Rules will differ from facility to facility, but some examples would be to be home by a certain time or not miss days of work during the day. Residents can also expect periodic drug testing to ensure ongoing sobriety.

A significant part of staying sober is creating a positive support group in order to reinforce the desire to stay sober. Sober living homes provide a group setting that allows for healthy friendships. It helps relieve the feeling of isolation that can sometimes occur when a client returns home from treatment. Having a group of supporters who understand exactly what one another is going through is a benefit in recovery.

Sober living helps improves an individual’s chance of staying sober and achieving long-term sobriety. It is an alternative from going from one extreme to the other, being an immerse treatment center to the unstructured environment at home. Sober living homes replicate normal life routines while garnishing healthy living habits. Some sober living homes help residents through a number of things that will help them navigate their recovery, including:

When one of our clients completes an intensive treatment program and needs an aftercare solution, we will assist them in getting the best possible care in sober living.