So.. What happened in Vegas, was much more than I can explain in this month’s article. But hopefully I grab your attention enough to keep you carrying on with my writing- to hear the story through to the end.
It was the bitter cold winter in 2016, when I decided it was time to run away from Cape Cod for good. I thought the beating from my boyfriend was the worst thing I had ever experienced, and to some degree it was- then. Little did I know, the definition of trauma had not even scratched the surface of what I was about to experience later on that year.
Long story short- we fought over cocaine.He didn’t save me any, I saw the white chunks in his nose.He was in bed.
I didn’t understand, who does cocaine to go to sleep…?
Not until my addiction plummeted two years later, did I in fact also- do cocaine to fall asleep. But how does it GET to that point?
Well Billy and I had very different paths, so I cannot speak for his addiction. I do know for a fact that is what we fought about, because I thought about it over and over for many years, regretting the second I chose to get on that plane and fly away.
Now looking back on it, I only did what I knew- Run.and who wouldn’t, when your flight is paid for and you have a friend looking for a roommate in the most sought after state in the whole country- California.
It was my time to go. So yes, before Vegas there was a little 3 week Cali vacation, which basically turned into Meth education for Dummies if you know what I mean. If you’re from the east coast, I really hope you know what I mean.
We know cocaine, alcohol, pills and heroine. That about it.California is a whole new animal – and quite honestly meth is DISGUSTING. So, I got the job offer from Conrad to work in sales in Vegas, and off I went.
First. Flight from Boston to LAX end of January 2016Second. Flight from LAX to Las Vegas end of February 2016Third. Flight from Vegas to Boston April 18th 2016
In a matter of two months in Las Vegas, my entire world as I knew it had been flipped upside down- sexually harassed- physically harassed- and by the end I ran from that also, eventually finding a little bit of fun right before it all ended.
Thinking back on it now, and having stopped in Vegas twice since then…. it will never be the same. It isn’t fun for me anymore. All I can think about is being in the hospital, not being able to walk, or go pee/poop for over a week because of what happened.
It was a nightmare. I mean a literal- having sex with a married man and then meeting his wife and working with her- NIGHTMARE, My only female friends were one of two:
1. Hooker/Whore/Dancer from ATL who was staying at the same hotel I was living at. Tried to get me to be pimped out with her and her man.2. A co-worker at the sales company who ended up wanting to sleep with the guy who took care of me after everything that went down and told everyone I had herpes. (I never had them, but I did get infected with an STD after being raped- for lack of a better term)

Now you’re probably extremely confused…. so I will go back to the beginning and explain a little slower.
When I first got to Vegas, I was brought onto a sales team for Alliance Security and they housed their employees at an Extended Stay, 2 miles off the strip. It was actually the coolest set up I have ever seen.
I got my own room because I’m a female- and most of the staff is men. So, that was safe. I thought.

By ColdBlood n Dreams